Vacation in Hawaii was Incredible

Hey all my friend just went on an incredible vacation in Hawaii and was so jazzed about it he got me interested in going on my next vacation there. Thanks Rusty for turning me on to this wonderful looking vacation! Rusty owns A-able Wreckers in Jacksonville Fl

Exotic tropical vacations for the rich and famous

Dreaming about going on the exotic tropical vacations that the rich and famous are going to, is something we can only dream about. This is because there are only a few of us that are able to afford these luxurious vacations. However, it is still interesting to see how their type of tropical holidays looks and how it is different from our holidays. This is what the holidays look like for the rich and famous.

Going to private islands

The number one thing that the rich and famous are able to do, is not to rent a room at a hotel. They are renting a whole private island.

There they can be private, alone and can do anything that they want. There are no restrictions. They have servants that are serving them and they don’t need to worry about being among other people that might be bothering them. But, because this is the most expensive tropical island, this isn’t something that normal people with a normal budget can do or even consider. We can only dream about it.

Booking into a 5 star resort

For those people that are rich and famous, there are some exotic 5 start resorts that they can book their holiday at. And, because the hotel is truly expensive, not everyone can get access to these hotels. This is also to make sure that these guests are getting the privacy they want in order to have a great, relaxing holiday.

Luckily for us, at most of the tropical places that you can go to, you will find more affordable options. It might not as luxurious as the 5 start resorts, but it will be a great holiday that won’t need you to break the bank.

Some of the places that they are going to

It can be interesting to read about the places that are only reserved for the rich and famous. You might be able to get a booking here, if you are making sure that you can afford the place and if you are making your booking way in advance. These are some of the places that most rich and famous people are going to:

  • Guana Island, at the British Virgin Islands
  • Cayo Espanto, in Belize
  • Cocoa Island, in the Maldives
  • Mantangi Private Island Resort, in Fiji

The rich and famous have a different holiday as what we do. They don’t take a week or two, but they are taking a month or two. And, they don’t go to the normal resorts like the resorts that we can afford. No, they are hiring private islands and only book at 5 star, resorts that only a few people can afford. But, this doesn’t mean that you can’t consider going to a tropical destination. It only means that you should make sure about your budget and the place that you are considering going to. They might use the most expensive places for their holidays, but it doesn’t mean that we, normal people, can’t go on an affordable tropical vacation. website